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Pink Sheep are a minecraft mob that Kurt expresses excitement and joy upon discovering.
Pink sheep

History Edit

Pink sheep have been seen very few times during Far Lands or Bust due to their rarity. The first pink sheep appeared in Far Lands or Bust Episode 19:A Mythical Creature Of Mythic Propotions. It was sheared and its wool was used to craft a bed in Far Lands or Bust Episode 131: Pants On Fire. Pink sheep have since been seen in Far Lands or Bust Episode 171: One Hundred Percent-ness!, Far Lands or Bust Episode 233: Pink Sheep Eclipse and Far Lands or Bust Episode 320: Pumpkin Protuberance. In Episode 171, its wool was used to construct a tower to celebrate reaching the goal for Child's Play charity.

Trivia Edit

• Pink sheep are the rarest type of sheep in Minecraft. 0.164% of all sheep are pink.

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