Far Lands or Bust Episode 265: Tree Hat
Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 265 - Tree Hat34:45

Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - 265 - Tree Hat


Far Lands or Bust
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Far Lands or Bust Episode 265: Tree Hat is the 265th regular episode of Far Lands or Bust and the 66th Episode of Season 4. The Child's Play Charity fundraiser was at $35.010.00 at the time of recording.


On his way toward the Far Lands,Kurt finds floating trees that he can use for hats.

Internet speed back to normal

Kurt's Internet speed has returned to a sizable fraction of what he was paying for. He is not sure why it changed but he can now put out multiple videos a day. Tangents on erosion and floating trees.

Proton Rocket Explosion

An unmanned Russian rocket's engines exploded upon launch. You should be careful on making jokes before it's confirmed everybody is okay. Rockets have a self-destruct failsafe that has never been used since Challenger.

Question: Anything you wish someone would ask you but hasn't come up yet?

No, because Kurt can talk about other things like his Internet.

Question: What is the favorite thing you've worn at Halloween or a costume party?

Kurt dressed up as Carlton Fisk from the Chicago White Sox. Also the donation by Sarah was part of Millbee's swear jar challenge.

Question: Do you have a recommendation or preference for anyone to replace Matt Smith as the Doctor in Doctor Who?

Kurt does not know many British actors, and briefly discusses that he might be a female.



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