Far Lands or Bust Episode 002: Building a Log Cabin
Far Lands or Bust
Release Date March 12, 2011
Version Beta 1.3_01

Far Lands or Bust Episode 002: Building a Log Cabin was the 2nd regular episode of Far Lands or Bust and the 2nd Episode of Season 1. The Child's Play Charity fundraiser was non-existent at the time of the recording.


Kurt moves out of his "mud shack" to build a log cabin.

Topics DiscussedEdit

Kurt discusses C418's music while he chops down trees.  He talks about the peacefulness of the music and

He then proceeds to reference the original Tomb Raiders game.

External LinksEdit

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"The First Day"
March 6, 2011
"Building a Log Cabin"
March 12, 2011
"Unforeseeable Disaster"
March 14, 2011

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